Hydrogen Generator

Hydrogen Generator

Hydrogen Generators are used to make HHO this is then fed into the intake manifiold of your car if that is it's purpose.


What is a Hydrogen Generator?

A hydrogen generator is a unit that has two electrodes, the two elctrodes produce hydrogen by electrolysis.

How It Works

The hydrogen generator electrodes go inside a sealed container, when hooked up to power they produce bubbles. The bubbles are hydrogen and oxygen.

Where do the bubbles go?

The bubbles rise to the top of the selaed unit and come out the hose, this hose can be used for many purposes, The most common is installing the unit under the bonnet of your car.

Why install it in your car?

The reason that hydrogen generators get installed in cars is to save fuel. If the outlet of a hydrogen cell is run into an engine manifold it increases the octane and burns with petorl, Therefore saving you fuel but also increasing the cars power as the octane in hydrogen is much higher.

Can the car run on sole hydrogen?

The short answer is yes, But many factors need to be taking into consideration eg. ignition timing, water rusts engines and heat generation just to name a few.

Is it safe?

We believe that the hydrogen generators we sell are safe. They have been put through many explosive tests and the only result that we get is a loud bang and very small explosion. So long as safety precautions are followed there would be no problem. the hydrogen generators that we sell have a bubbler unit, this acts as a flash-back arrestor.